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Discussions about endurance running from the folks who know endurance... the back of the pack. Clever and entertaining. Good company on that 6 hour long run!
Running Stupid CL (Dr Joe Cleaver Interview)

Interview with Dr Joe Cleaver of Paradigm Wellness Medical!



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And Paradigm Wellness Medical, of course!


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Running Stupid CXLIX (Magda Boulet Interview)

Magdalena Boulet Interview!!

Magda Photo: Myke Hermsmeyer Photography


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Running Stupid CXLVIII (Ann Trason Interview)

Interview with rock star runner, volunteer, RD and awesome coach, Ann Trason!!
Really hope you enjoy this one!!

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Running Stupid CXLVII (Ken Michal Interview)

Ann Trason me!!  Really fun to do, I hope you enjoy it!!

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Running Stupid CXLVI (Yassine Diboun Interview)

Yassine Diboun Interview!!  I know you'll love it!
Photo by Angel King

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Running Stupid CXLV (Peter Defty Interview)

Peter Defty Interview: Vespa/OFM

FASTER Study Article (discussed):

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Carb Boom!
Dr. Joe Cleaver

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Running Stupid CXLIV (HURT 15 I)

HURT 100 2015 Report Pt 1!!  Sixth Annual HURT!!

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Running Stupid CXLIII (PRE-HURT 15)

HURT 100 is this weekend!!  This is going to be freaking awesome!!!

Live updates:

Watch for more personal updates on the Running Stupid Facebook Page:

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Running Stupid CXLII (TNFEC 50 2014)

7th Consecutive TNFEC 50 mile report!!  What a blast!!

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Running Stupid CXLI (Fun Size Laura Bello Interview)

Interview with first time 100 mile finisher, Fun Size Laura Bello!!
Check out her blog here (her report Javelina Jundred report due soon!):
Big Thanks to:

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